• Our history

    Service from tradition.
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The founding

1946: Founding in Mittweida (Saxony) by Karl-Heinz Kilian, production of tin snips and shoemaker’s nails.

In the 1950s: Escape from the GDR and site relocation, first to Berlin, later to Düsseldorf. Conversion of the product range to engineering, machine overhauling and trade.

1958: Construction of a new production hall at the current site in Langenfeld im Rheinland and start of contract work (turning and drilling) for local customers.

In the 1960s: Expansion of the production area and machinery, focus on deep-drilling as contract work.

1970s and 1980s

In the 1970s: Purchase of the first state-of-the-art BTA deep-drilling machines. Development of the still-common construction method took place according to the specifications and under contribution of Karl-Heinz Kilian.

In the 1980s: Development of production capacities for processing of larger and heavier workpieces (up to 50t), to consider the increased requirements due to nuclear technology, as well as expansion and modernisation (partial automation) of production for serial protection.

1989: Volker Kludig acquires the company from his uncle and manages Kilian GmbH&Co.KG in the second generation.

Recent past

In the 1990s: Investments in four large deep-drilling machines and further lathes and honing machines. Introduction of a certified quality management system.

In the 2000s: The third generation enters the company with Christian and Michel Kludig. Construction of a new hall. Modernisation and overhauling of present deep-drilling machines and large investments into environmental protection.

Since 2010: Enforced modernisation of the machinery (two new honing and deep-drilling machines each), production site and IT structure.